UMLINGO - A world full of magic

Umlingo tells a story of a long journey. Tewadros, the hero of Umlingo, experiences thrilling adventures, great miracles and finds true friendship on the way. Accompany Tewadros while he travels through this touching African fairy tale with magic moments, breathtaking tension and unique acrobatics. Dive in deeply into the overwhelming world of Umlingo, where Africa shows at its very best.

A deeply touching, stirring story full of humor!

“Umlingo” bewitches and takes everyone into a world of magic. A spiral of movement and rhythm brings everyone from “here and now” into the mystic world of African traditions.

This is were our story begins….


Beautiful and mysterious:
Akina is waiting in the marketplace with a suitcase made of glass And something else is mysterious as well: the suitcase contains a little tree! Thomas is watching Akina, but all of a sudden she disappears
leaving the suitcase behind. He decides to take it and bring it back to the woman.

Colorful dresses, laughter and lively hustle and bustle.
A market place in a small town somewhere in Africa. In the middle of it all stands Tewadros, the little hero. But after the laughing and shouting merchants moved on, he remains alone.

Shadows and magic:
Tewadros dives into a mystic world. A mysterious figurine enters the scene. It’s Lazarus, the mediator between reality and the magical world.

Acrobatics and body control:
The dancers are bearing the boy on his journey. Guarded by his wonderful new friends Tewadros keeps on searching for Akina.

Juggling, balancing acts and high performance artistic:
The circus artists of Mother Africa can do unbelievable magic tricks, they put a spell on every spectator.

It’s raining:
The sound of falling rain belongs to the world of Africa, too. Tewadro’s heart is beating the same rhythm as he excitedly travels on.

Audacious acrobatics in perfection:
The daring trick of the pharaoh is just breathtaking. He impressively builds a several storey tower of chairs without
protection. Simply with impressive body control and balance.

Singing, dancing and fun:
The wise people of the world are clowns and court jesters. In Umlingo Reuben becomes a guardian angel to Tewadros, withstanding the rigors of the world with a twinkle.

“Make your dream come true and bring back the tree to Akina.“
The companions are encouraging Tewadros to follow his own path. The audience is spellbound by breakneck somersaults and jumps.

Daring and elegant:
Tricks like these with the “German Wheel” request absolute body control, presenting artistic skill at its best.

Bewitchingly beautiful:
Akinas voice lets the audience melt away and opens another door of the heart.

The village celebrates a party:
Tewadros arrives in a very special world!
That is what he realizes when the village is celebrating a lavish party.

Grand final:
There’s always a happy ending with Umlingo. Tewadros has reached his aim, proudly he gives back the tree to Akina.